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   Mar 30

[email response]: Mother’s headache

Hare Krishna,

My friend’s mother used to have severe headache everyday.  She would always be complaining of headache. No medicine would help her nor any doctors were able to do anything.
To get some relief she used to apply balm to her eyes, we can just imagine from this what pain she must be feeling. Just a week back we heard that putting 2 drops of cow ghee in the nose can help. So we immediately bought a bottle from the temple and gave his mother. She used it at night and next day her headache was gone. She daily uses it and there is no more headache.



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  1. cow used in same helps increase eye sight,memory&functionality of nervous of the brain.It is because our A2 type cows has cerebrocide,iodine, omega-3 group of, it can help in fits also.ITS cla &M GI HELPS IN BRAIN CANCER SUPRESSION&reduces metaboli c syndrom chances.

  2. m.r. virmani says:

    i have personally experienced positive results of using cow urine regularly. we need our industrialists’ support in preparing and marketing of panchgavya products in a systematic manner and at a scale where the entire population is enthused these and enjoy the best of health. only industrialists can take up this work. there is immense need to do further research also.

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