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   Jan 04

Various Cow Products III – Tablets for Lecuderma, Vertiligo



  • Seeds of bavachi (English: Psoralea seeds, Latin: Psoralia corylifolia) 1 Kg.
  • Pure geru (Red ochre, Red clay) 1 Kg 
  • Amlasar gandhak (crystalline Sulphur) 1 Kg.
  • Cow urine salts    1 Kg
  • Cow ghee     1.2 Kg

Purifying the ingredients: –

For process to manufacture ghee properly see at end of book. and

Soak 1 kg bavachi seeds in cow urine for one night. Next day put them in new cow urine and boil the cow urine vigorously in a deep pan. Later filter it through a fine cotton cloth.

Roast 1 kg geru in 200 grams cow ghee (clarified butter) on low flame. Remove it from fire. Melt 1 kg crystalline Sulphur in 1 kg cow ghee over low flame fire. Then fill another pot with cow urine and tie fine cotton cloth over it. Then pour the crystalline Sulphur melted in ghee, in cow urine quickly. It should be poured when the ghee is hot. Then take out the cold Sulphur from the pot with cow urine and wash it with clean hot water and store it.


Crush and grind well all the above four items i.e. Bavachi seeds, crystalline Sulphur, geru and cow urine salts. The finer the grinding, better it is. Then make tablets of the size of a gram and dry them. If they don’t dry then put the tablets in filtered cow dung ash. Remove it after three days, i.e. they would be dried. It melts in water and due to heat. In bad weather it should be dried using cow dung ash powder. If we want to get good color then add 1% Geru (Red ochre, Red clay) in cow dung ash powder. It gives red color.


Give 3 tablets at a time with water in the morning, noon, evening and night. Depending on the state of disease it should be taken for 3, 6 or 12 months. This can make your body glow. Children’s dose is half the normal dose i.e. 1 tablet 4 times daily.

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One Comment

  1. Dr R.K.Khatri says:

    Dear sir,
    Please tell me What is Cow urine salts 1 Kg,

    Please tell me about salt so that I could make it or purchase.

    Dr R.K.Khatri

    The salts are solid salts that remain in pan after boiling all the water content of cow urine.

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