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   Jan 04

Various Cow Products II – Gautakrasav (fermented buttermilk)

GAUTAKRASAV (fermented buttermilk)


  • Cow curd:1 litre
  • Powdered Rock salt:   50 Gms
  • Mustard powder:   50 Gms.
  • Turmeric powder: 50 Gms.


Churn the curd till it becomes homogenous. Add equal quantity of water to the curd and mix it well. Later mix the other three ingredients with it. Pour this mixture in a china clay earthen pot or glass pot. Cover the lid tightly and store it.

On fourth day filter it and fill in bottles. Decant the liquid to avoid the solids of mustard and turmeric powder. Later, if the powder of turmeric and mustard settles in the bottles then the top liquid should be decanted.


It is beneficial especially for piles patients in all stages. It cures all diseases of stomach, loss of appetite, indigestion, gas. It is digestive. It is beneficial for liver and spleen. Flatulence, nervousness, constipation, and all other stomach diseases are cured. It is tasty, digestive drink. 


Four small spoonfuls mixed with water, two times a day, after a meal is beneficial. Same amount if consumes regularly it is beneficial for our overall health. It is tasty, longevity giving drink. It destroys all unnecessary gases from our stomach.

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