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   Sep 21

True Story! – Grandfather or the ghost?

Hare Krsna!

Seth Sadiramji had a very faithful servant.  Servant’s grandfather was staying in Jodhpur who moved to Vidyarane village in Bikaner district.  Once when grandfather was going to his field, on the way he say a cow that had injured his leg and could hardly stand up.  The Grandfather thought that the cow must be hungry and thirsty from 3 to 4 days.

Therefore, he immediately sat on the Camel and brought a pot full of water, grass and grains for the cow.    The cow ate the grass, grains and drank entire two pots of water.    He also gave some fresh crops from his fields and continued until the cow was healthy and could stand.

When the cow was healthy, she went to her place.  The profession of the grandfather was of digging well.  Infect he was an expert in digging well.  He used to dig well at Vidyarane.  In Bikaner, it’s very difficult to dig well in sand. They have to dig as deep as 100feet.  It is like putting hands in the snake’s mouth, because the sand above the ground sometimes falls and buries the man live underneath.

Once when the grandfather was digging the well, the sand above fell on the grandfather and buried the grandfather underneath.  Since the grandfather was poor, the village leader just consoled the relatives and consoled them by saying that he must be dead by now since tons and tons of sand has fallen over.  Now if we Endeavour for his dead body, then there is a risk for more death since the sand around was already loose and would fall on the person who would dig.  So he told the relatives to stop lamenting over his death and consider as god’s desire for such a death.

Although the grandfather was a poor man, still he was always helpful to the villagers.  Therefore, the villagers decided to perform the ceremonies after death thinking that if they do not, then the grandfather would turn into Ghost.  They decided to make Sweet rice for the occasion and in order to make the rice they had to fetch water from the well.  Now this well was just 30 to 50 feet away from the place where the grandfather was buried.  When the bucket was lowered in another well, the bucket was stuck and the man pulling the bucket was not able to pull.

When he looked down, he saw a man like figure holding the bucket and he asked who is holding the bucket.  To this man replied, I am Savala’s Grandfather.  Hearing this answer the man was afraid and all the people of village were terrified to even go near the well as they thought that ghost of grandfather has come. There were some courageous people in village who decided to check the matter.

So two of them took canes in their hands and went down.  When they were little away from this man in well they asked, “How have you become ghost and how you will be liberated.” Then the man replied, “Can’t you see. I am not ghost but the real person, the grandfather of savala. Are you blind?” Don’t you recognize me? Do ghosts look like this?  Thus man was removed from well.

Next day Grandfather of Savala narrated his story of death. You all considered me dead but I was saved by mercy of go – mata (mother cow). He told that when he was inside the well, suddenly the sand fell upon him. Sand came down from all sides but sand stopped 2-3 feet above his head and he was trapped inside.

I was standing in the hollow, thinking it would have been better if I were dead. I was fatigued and was confused thinking what to do. I was hungry. Suddenly at that time, I saw the same cow, which I had served when she was injured.  She was standing in front of me and was pouring milk from her utters in my mouth. I was hungry and so drank milk to my full content. Then cow started hitting her horns at one point inside the hollow trying to indicate something to me. I was not able to interpret what she was trying to say.

Finally, I stood up and looked at the point where the cow was hitting her horns. I noticed that cow was hitting her head at a point where there was a small hole. That hole was connected to this well. From that small hole, some fresh air was also coming in. I had all the instruments of digging and so started digging. When I would be hungry the cow would come to feed me, and when I would be tired I went off to sleep.  I had no knowledge of day and night. Slowly I came out in this well by the mercy of holy mother cow and thus standing in front of you.

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  1. Jugal says:

    Go mata ki jaya. Thank you for this story.

  2. Rajesh Chitalia says:

    Hare Krsna,

    I am overjoyed by reading this story.

    kind regards
    Rajesh Chitalia

  3. Anantashesh das says:

    Amazing… All Glories to Mother Cow

  4. SyamaGopaldasa says:

    Incredible, may we get a chance to sincerely serve gomata

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