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   Jul 16

True Story! – Miracle of worshiping Cows

Hare Krsna!

In present age, people are more inclined towards matter and hence they are not able to grasp the glories of service to cows. But experiences that we have undergone suggest that all the demigods are present in body of holy cow.

Srimati Ganga kaur, wife of ayurvedacharya Laxman singh left this mortal plane on 5th Oct 1960. Six months before she died she had told her husband that even though I am normal by health my time on this earth is coming to an end. Vaidya ji was a religious man, but could not believe on the words of his wife.

Two months before death, she told her date of death and got completely immersed in devotion to lord Hari and service of cows. While talking, she repeated same point on 23rd September. Two days before death, she got completely immersed in continuously chanting name of Lord Rama and Omkar.

At the predicted time, she became lifeless. Vaidyaji used his medicines like kasturi and others to bring her back to life and asked her, “Oh Goddess! How come you got the hint of your impeding death which is difficult to be understand even for yogis and tapasvis?” Srimati Ganga kaur replied, “This is all by the glory of serving cows. I am experiencing that I am ascending upwards. Dogs and similar animals are leaping towards me. But holy cows have made a protective circle around me and thus protecting me. One another animal told me that since cows are protecting you, you please go back and clear the doubt of your husband.”

After saying this, she asked for a pot in which curd is made. Then she ordered that all the curd be fed to the she calf (vatsa) of cow. Then she told that my mother will come and start crying. Please forbid her from lamenting and tell her to chant names of Lord Rama or Omkar.

She again passed away honouring curd of cow.

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  1. Properties of animal products as seen in Ayurvedic texts- There are number, of Ayurvedic texts that refer to the qualities and use of animals products, Charak samhita, Sushruta samibita, Astanga sangraha, Astanga hridya, dhanvanthari nighantu, Bhavprakasha etc, have a no, of references to these products, cow milk- the milk of black and red cows is vatha shamaka, yellow pittashamaka.And that of white cows is kaphakaraka and is guru (heavy to digest)

    The milk of a cow with a very young calf or of a cow with no calf is tridoshakaraka.

    The milk of cow that eats less feed and fodder is guru. It improves strength and vitality.

    The Milk should not be eaten along with fish, meat and radish.

  2. raghav manik says:

    Hari bol Prabhuji,

    Fantastic story Prabhuji . This story has inspired me to serve cows more enthusiatically i want to keep coming to WADA FARM and many other farms to serve Go Mata

    GO MATA KI JAI !!!!!!!


    hare krisha …

    i am an advocate with a passion to be a part of gouseva, i never planned but it may be krishnas plan to arrange for 120 cows which i along with others had rescued from slaughter house last year 2010 and we have a goushal “KESHAVA GOU SEVA SAITHI ” at sainikpuri, secundrabad, A.P. India.

    on 28th of Feb i was in warrangal to attend a pooja and as such istarted early from hyderabad to wararngal a 200 KM journey. All the time i was always there at goushala almost forgetting that i am an advocate and nothing since year the time cows are with me i have nothing to think but serving cows in search of the eternal bliss around the cows.
    as i returned from warangal i was stunned to see one of a cow at our goushala which was very famous to be more active of all the cows was dying of poisioning. I was in tears i managed to put a bottle of water into the cows mouth and it was rerally unexplainable situation that the cow left its breath in my hands and just staring at me …it really was waiting to thank me and give its blessings …that may be just one reason whay Krishna loved cows so much…
    ” i would do any thing for cows ”

    Mekala Srinivas Yadav
    040 27117542


    let all of us take pride and remember the purpose of our life ..GOUSAKSHA .
    courage is to protect the helpless from the evil who are strong and saving a cow from the hands of a brutal bucher…is ultimate , krishna is with us we are all the greate grand sons and daughters of the cowheard men , the gopals and gopis, where Krishna used to spend his time only to teach us that every second he spent to protect cows are going to serve the ray of hope for all of us who are only praying to save cows from slaughter , but hundreds are still being brutally cut for meat and the fat which is used as raw material for cosmetics we cherish to apply on our body. With cow urine and dung Krishna himself was smeared and we are just spending too much time in fear to speak and act …plz krishna will be pleased if we all take a step forward to save cows from slaugher. let us all be aware of the law of our nation which has been of very less use since we are not ready to fac econsequences of a complaint of cows being transported illegally in a truck , on a highway and no one is there to help the cows or ourselves , but remember its better to die for the sake saving a cow than for materialistic , temporary fantacies .
    hare krishna — JAI SHREE RAM

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