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   Jun 08

Proper knowledge about cows – story of Narada Muni.

Hare Krsna!

Today there is general apathy and neglect towards cows because of gross lack of knowledge about her and her glories. Therefore there is great need to reawaken and spread it among people. People feel maintaining cows after their milking period as burdensome because they don’t know her full glories.

It’s just like carrying a blank cheque may seem useless if we don’t know what cheque is. So proper knowledge about cows is a great necessasity in today’s world. Once all are aware of it no one will like to neglect them and everyone will start caring for them as it was done in past.

In kali yuga there is a peculiar situation as explained by a story in Bhagawat mahatmya. Once Narada muni was moving on earth in Kali yuga. He saw a peculiar situation. He saw a young lady accompanied by her two old sons. Narada muni was astonished to see how come a young lady had old sons. On enquiry he found out that that lady is bhakti devi and her two old sons are jnana (knowledge) and vairagya (renounciation). It meant that in kali yuga many people will have bhakti or devotion.

So devotion or bhakti was young. But their devotion will not be supported by knowledge and renunciation. This is what we see in today’s world. In India people have faith unto Cows but not knowledge and renunciation. So that bhakti is weakened.
Also in this story there is prediction of kali yuga where children will become old and die before their parents. We are seeing this happening around us today.

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