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   Jun 20

Pancha Gavya – Go-vara (Cow Dung)

Hare Krsna!

Laxmi ji goddess of Fortune resides in cow dung. Therefore we see in south India in many temples lord is first shown the back of cow when lord is woken up. This is because consort of lord Sri Laxmi resides in cow dung or back of cow from where cow dung comes.

Now we should understand, why laxmi, the  goddess of wealth resides in cow dung. This is because if we know all the glories of cow dung then living by utilizing cow dung is best way to earn wealth without bad karma. We can get wealth by all modern means but they all incur bad karma. Such wealth does not give satisfaction and happy, healthy life. So we see in modern world wealth is increasing but along with it depressions, frustrations, violence, unnatural sexual urges, consumerism etc is skyrocketing. So the wealth which gives a man happy, satisfied and healthy life can be earned from cow dung. I would like to state here that there is no other way than this to human as stated in isopanishad verse 3.

In fact we can say that cow dung is gold mine. In Vedic times it was used in multifarious ways beyond most of our imaginations today. Cow dung is such an blessings of holy vedic cows ( ). In following posts I would start mentioning how cow dung can be and was utilized in vedic India.

With growing age and cow or bull may become unable to provide milk or draft but dung and urine are things which they will give till they are alive. So these holy entities won’t be called as burden or not maintainable by those who blame them so because they don’t know glories of cow dung. So we call it dung economics. Just to mention some here cow dung can be used as flooring, plastering, medicine, fuel, fertilizer, insect repellent, nutrition, disease resistance, washing powder for vessels and cloths etc. How this wonder happens will be dealt with gradually.

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