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   Jun 01

Meaning of the word ‘Krishi’

Hare Krsna!

In sanskrit every word has a root dhatu (word). In word krishi the dhatu is kru. From this dhatu word akarshan has come. Akarshan means attracting. So krushi does not only means growing of crops as is done today and is called agriculture. Krushi means growing crops in such a way that it attracts the solar energy. So all the practices in vedic were done with this thought and not like in modern way. Also with this in mind we see the important role of cow in vedic Krushi (agriculture).

As we have seen previously cow is an excellent attractor of solar energy there was great importance and co existence of cows and krushi (agriculture) in vedic times. Because of this reason they would not use dung of other animals even though the dung of other animals may have potassium, nitrogen etc but did not have special solar energy in it which is present in vedic cows.

Sometimes people speak that dung of sheep or buffalo or horse is more powerful fertiliser. That may be or may not be true. But it would be lacking in solar and universal energies present in cow dung and urine. So the food grown from such agriculture may make one strong and stout but certainly his intelligence will not be in tune with nature. We see today we might get nutritious food but it agitates our senses to great extent. Food not grown on cow dung will not be supporting mind and intelligence in proper way.

We see today’s food even though toxic has nutrition as well. But after eating such food we see that greedy people, terrorists, selfish, insensitive people are born. Also there is increase in non-reproductive sexual orientation among human beings like homosexuality, pedophilia, zoophilia, etc because of the lack of proper food in sattva guna. Food without cow dung will give rise to demoniac and loose population as we are seeing today.

In fact for this reason even practising devotees find it difficult to control their senses. So as a solution we have to turn again towards vedic cows and take her shelter and start krushi.

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