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   Jun 01

Glory of Vedic Culture.

Hare Krsna!

Difference between modern western culture and ancient vedic culture Modern scientists have done great research with respect to externals in human existence. The basis on research was human physical body. Sages in vedic times had researched on internal aspects of human existence. Western advancement gave thought to external beauty where as vedic munis (sages) gave importance to beauty. Because of external research the basis of western development was body and money. People’s external facilities became means for attractive body.

But the main aspects of vedic developments were thoughtfulness, self control, sense control, character, diet, behaviour, meditation, contemplation on soul etc. Because of this there were qualities like compassion, non violence resulting from the understanding of presence of Krsna (god) in all living entities.

Modern culture is body culture and vedic culture is god culture. So in western culture animal killing became the source of financial gains as there was no respect for other living beings.

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