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Subject:   Thank You for Prerna
Dear Prabhuji,

I could not come for your Prerna, but recently I heard the lecture twice on my mobile. It was an eye opener. I hope to behave more nature friendly way from now on. Though I can not do much, at least I can give up those fruits which are not seasonal. I can plant some trees in my society (Already started doing it. Grown wonderful Tulsi Devi from Kitchen compost. More than 12 mango saplings have grown from seed. will be replanting them at proper place shortly.). We have started doing a dhoop from cow dung cake every day and using the ash for planting, cleaning teeth etc. Now full family uses cow soap.

I hope to give up plastic some day. Pl keep us inspiring the way you always do by your lectures.

Thanking You


Santipur Nath Das

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hare krsna prabhuji.
please accept my humble obeisances. prabhuji can you please tell any substitute for washing powder. just like we have UBTAN for bathing, Is there some substitute for washing powder.


Ans – I am trying very hard to get a practical and eco friendly substitute. There are some but not practical in Mumbai and big cities. So wait for few months and I will put it up on blog when I get one.

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