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   Jun 29

[email response]: Iron Pots

Subject:   Iron Pots
Hare Krsna Prabhu, Dandavat,

I was speaking to Subuddhi Raya Prabhu this morning and he was expressing his thanks to you.

I had told him about the iron pots usage for preganant women since his wife is into 8th month of preganancy as of now. He had changed his pots into iron.

And he noticed that with external iron supplements, her iron content was not increasing much but as soon as they started cooking food in iron pots her iron content has increased drastically, although she decreased her  external iron supplements by 70%.

He has thanked you profusely.

Your servant

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  1. Ram Mohan Gupta says:

    Thanks prabhu for sharing this. Some devotees (including me) have started using iron pots for cooking. Thanks to Madan Gopal prabhu.

    Ram Vilas Das

    thanks. Iron pots need not be used for all cooking. We generally use only iron kadai(deep frying pan), and tava. Other pots should be of brass. We should have combination of both.

    madan Gopal das

  2. madanmohini dasi says:

    Respected prabhuji, PAMHO.please can u tell how to identify good cow milk. we have been using organic desi cow milk since few months.but a doubt arises as some one told me organic means it is of hybreed cow.and what is desi cow? please guide

    Ans – It is difficult to identify good milk, ghee just by physical senses. Yes if we drink it and get desired effects on body then we can as we can do in case of ghee. In your case I would like you to take some effort to contact supplier or the dairy or what ever address is available. Then may be we can visit or at least initially call and clarify. If you can pass on address and tel no i will also be interested as many people ask me. In kaliyuga we have to find a dependable man rather than tests. You can pass on address and no to me if you like.

    May be you can pass on a empty package to me.

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