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   May 26

Serving cows as Sadhana Bhakti

Hare Krsna!

Sadhana bhakti and go seva (service to cows) – Service to cows is an integral part of sadhna. Therefore we see that in past all the ashrams of spiritualist had cow in there ashrams. Serving cows is one of best ways to please Sri Krsna. Sri pada vallabhcharya of tusti marg had said. “There are 3 ways to take shelter of God, sri Krsna. One is to surrender to Krsna and other two are to surrender to scripture Srimad bhagwat and holy mother cow.

We see that glories of holy cow ( ) are sung in all the puranas and vedic scriptures. This is because of its role in spiritual progress of human society. One of ways to advance spiritually is to chant holy names of Krsna while serving cows. If we can chant holy names of God while serving cows then it is supremely beneficial.

If singing of holy names accompany milking, bathing of cows, scratching them, etc. then our sadhana becomes even more perfect. Glories of holy names are unlimited. And when holy names are connected with go seva (service to cows) then the glories of holy names becomes multiplied further.

All can serve cows in various ways. Its not only that only rich people can serve cows by donating for them. Even most poor can serve cows and chant holy names simultaneously. Even if one doesn’t have money, land or grass still he can serve cows. He can go to goshala and clean it, broom it. He can pick up the cow dung and put it at right place. He can go and scratch the cow’s dewlap portion. It pleases them a lot. He can take cows for grazing.

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  1. Sumeet says:

    Hare Krishna.thank you for telling us importance of serving cow as sadhna Bkakti

  2. Devdatt says:

    I think I need to visit our farm to do this practically. right?

  3. You can visit any place where cows are present.

  4. tushar vora says:

    Is giving the cows on the roadside a bundle of hay ‘go sewa’?
    Because they already are fed a lot!
    You know what I mean.

  5. Yes. It is. Still it is very beginning of go seva. Its just like offering 10 paise in donation box also a krsna seva. Still a person can do lot more. Similarly one can do lot more about serving cows even for one on streets. We can serve them by taking them to safe places. Better we can dedicate large part of our income to places where such cows are protected. Better we come out of this rat race and with our finances start living simple life in agriculture in tune with earth and cow both are our mother. For those who are interested to get out of rat race and join intelligent people doing and living on land and cows there are many places where they can get first hand experience to get courage to take such s decision. If any one needs help in this they can contact me.

  6. Ram Mohan Gupta says:

    Thanks Madan Gopal prabhu for the encouraging comments. Here in Pune, many people (especially farmers) feel that they would incur losses if they do agriculture without chemicals and fertilizers. Kindly help us get in touch with the experts so that we can alleviate their fears. We need to make natural farming and cow protection economically viable so that it can sustain for long.

    Answer – There are quite few farmers who are doing organic farming quite profitably. I know few of them. One in yavatmal district even gives training. He has facility where you can go and stay. he gives room and you have to cook your own food and learn from him. Then there is one who does horticulture organically for past 40-50 years with profit. Then there are few small scale farmers with 3-6 acres of land where they process their farm produce into jaggery etc and sell it and thus sustain themselves on organic farm. You can begin anywhere. For address write to me personally.

  7. shekar says:

    iam interested in serving cows where it can be done.

    Ans – If you stay in India there are 100s of cows around on streets on goshalas etc etc. Just go feed them, clean them, caress them, arrange for their drinking water. Remove their insects. By removing insects from cows body our past bad karmic reactions are removed. There is no scarcity to serve cows in India. If not in India then go to some goshal of ISKCON or any other organisation. If you have some land atleast 3-4 acres in rural area make it into nice pasturing grounds. Let cows from all village come and graze there.

    Hare Krsna.

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