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   May 26

Love of Cows (go – prema)

Hare Krsna!

What love of cows means – Love of cows means even love for go rasa i.e. cow products. I would prefer to call cow products (urine, dung, milk, etc) as blessing rather than products. In modern day we all have some respect and love for cows. But we drink buffalo milk. We cannot love cows and not love her blessings. These cow blessings (products) are called gavya.  Gavya means milk, curd, butter (after churning), dung and urine. Without loving these blessings (products) of cows our love of cows is only half or incomplete.

We are saying we love cows and are blindly eating ghee which is mixed with animal fat. We are eating factory butter derived in wrong way. How is this love of cows? Lord Krsna used to love gavya ( cow products/blessings). There was always cow milk, curd etc in house of Krsna. Even after that because of his love for cow products he would steal those and eat them. If we don’t love and regard gavya then we can’t consider it love of cows.

When lord was just a boy he demanded to be given the chance to take cows for grazing. When initially he was denied he became angry. So Krsna was given responsibility of taking care of calves. How can we say that we love Krsna and think that it is not respectable to take cows for grazing? I will not do it. We feel picking up cow dung is low job then we have not much love for cows whic are very dear to Krsna and so it is very difficult to please Krsna now.

Now a days is if someone goes for grazing cows we feel he is fool, and Krsna demanded this activity. We say it is more important to take demoniac education than grazing cows.

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  1. Ram Mohan Gupta says:

    I fully agree with you. We have to show our love for cows by accepting all her blessings in the form of various cow products.

    Ram Vilas das

  2. amrita vilasini says:

    hare krishna prabhu,
    dandavat pranam.
    i also agree with u completely.but can u suggest how those who are staying in west can apply this in our regular life?we dont have even vedic cows here what to speak of panchagavya?i am always feeling sad on this.please guide us too.

    Ans – In west in America, south america, Africa Vedic cows are available. They are little difficult in Europe. So it depends on which part of globe you are staying.

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