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   Apr 08

Vrindavan Yatra Reflections – Part II

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Hare Krsna!

Vrndavan dham ki jaya.

What Krsna promises and expects in Bhagavad Gita.

There are few themes which are spoken repeatedly in Bhagavad gita by lord  Krsna. I am discussing two of those today. They are as follows.

  1. Equanimity in all conditions of life.
  2. Developing loving devotional service unto him.

To make it more authentic I would give the exact quotes from bhagavad gita before going ahead with discussion. These quotes are from verses of Bhagawad gita only. In these verses Sri Krsna directly speaks of these two points.

  • Point number 1 is mentioned in following verses : – 2.11, 2.13, 2.14, 2.15, 2.27, 2.28, 2.38, 2.45, 2.48, 2.50, 2.52, 2.53, 2.56, 2.57, 2.70, 4.22, 5.3, 5.18, 5.19, 5.20, 5.24, 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 6.29, 12.13, 12.15, 12.16, 12.17, 12.18-19, 13.29, 13.30, 13.22 – 25, 15.5, 18.10, 18.20, 18.54.
  • Point number 2 is mentioned in following verses : – 2.39, 2.50, 2.51, 2.53, 3.9, 3.13, 4.10, 4.38, 5.4, 5.5, 5.21, 5.29, 6.30, 6.31, 6.32, 6.47, 7.1, 7.28, 7.29, 8.5, 8.7, 8.8, 8.10, 8.14, 8.22, 8.27, 8.28, 9.13, 9.14, 9.22, 9.25, 9.26, 9.27, 9.29, 9.30, 9.31, 9.32, 9.33, 9.34, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 11.54, 11.55, 12.2, 12.6-7, 12.8, 12.14, 12.20, 13.11, 13.19, 14.26, 18.54, 18.55, 18.62, 18.65, 18.66, 18.68,

Here we see very clearly that developing devotional service unto Krsna is certainly most important teaching of Gita but still to remain equal in all stages of life is also stressed good number of times. Both these points are interlinked and important. Being equipoised in all conditions of life is achieved even by impersonalists. This equanimity is a symptom of brahaman realisation. One can be completely equipoised but not yet a devotee of lord. But to be a devotee of lord we have to be equipoised in all conditions of life.

So devotees need not have this quality. Or devotees should have it. Or as we have heard devotees all sins are washed and so for him there will be no suffering.

First I will discuss about the important quality i.e. becoming devotee of lord. This is the prime aim in our life. Some of may be thinking that we are now devotees. Hare Krsna! If we think like that then know for certain we are very far from being devotee. Yes, while preaching we might have to use words like – I am a devotee. I became a devotee in 2001 etc. But in our hearts we should be convinced that this is only for giving some historical reference.

In reality I am very far from becoming a devotee. Even Uddhav felt it that way when he was visiting Vrndavan. In fact in the pastime it is mentioned that when he was in Dwarka he was thinking, “Yes I am always very close to Krsna. I can enter his palace any time. There is no place in Dwarka where I can’t be with him”. But when same Uddhav went to Vrndavan and saw the devotional service of vrajbasis then he realised that in reality he is very far from becoming a devotee. This he speaks it out. So in new stage we think we have become a devotee. But as we progress we understand the depths of devotional service and devotional emotions and then we understand I am still long way to go.

What I am speaking is not of some simple beginning activities like chanting 16 rounds, attending lectures, serving in organising a programme etc. Actually these are not only beginning activities but also the final activities. But what I am discussing that in beginning we do these devotional activities in neophyte consciousness. We just do it because we are supposed to do it but actually while doing those activities we are not very much Krsna consciousness. We are still self consciousness. Or we are thinking of so many other things but doing devotional activities. Our service is like our japa. We are chanting but thinking of so many other things.

I hear from devotees many times that they are not able to remember Krsna and chant attentively. But the reality is that we are supposed to remember Krsna not only during chanting but 24 hours. We should think, I am not remembering Krsna while cooking, I am not remembering Krsna while eating. I am not remembering Krsna while driving. I am not remembering Krsna while bathing etc etc. We have to remember Krsna all the time. Then we not only have to remember him but to remember him in love and devotion.

Then we should not only remember him in love and devotion but we have to think what is in interest of Krsna and according to his orders received directly from Krsna or via guru or scriptures. We should be thinking of Krsna in love and devotion and always endeavouring to act as per his instruction. After that our love for Sri Krsna becomes more intensified and we just will fall in ecstasy just by being in contact with Krnsa directly or indirectly. Don’t think that these stages are only in book and not for us. Yes we may be far away doesn’t mean we should not be there. If we aim for highest devotional service and try persistently and consistently then success will surely come. For that we should be aware what highest aim is. Then only one day we can reach there.

Yes right now most of us may be engaged in various activities in material world which are not Krsna conscious activities directly. But all of us should be prepared and make ourselves ready to give up all attachments and just be engaged in Krsna activities 24 hours a day. I am not aiming at physically giving up home or but I am certainly pointing towards stopping all or activities connected with matter and just doing service to Krsna. It may be as simple as making garland, cooking etc. But not some nut bolts, chemicals, cheque books etc. We have to give up all nasty activities at right time, i.e. some time in our lives. We should not remain stuck in this world like an insect in garbage. Let, at least few years of our lives be spent exclusively for cultivating what are our permanent activities. Otherwise we are cheating ourselves if we can’t let go all our material responsibilities and attachments even till end of life.

I am not suggesting sanyas ashram for all here on formal and external level. But certainly I am suggesting one may remain in house. i.e. one may keep his body in his own home for name sake but certainly he should just be engaged in only Krsna conscious activities. Nothing about family, business, children etc. In essence when we die all these family, business, children will take care of themselves without our help. So let us train them to do it when we are alive. Again maya can cheat us hear. Our training for them is just to give up all our responsibilities. Or else we will become busy training them and thus forgetting complete surrender to Krsna. We will be training and training and training others in material world and forget to train our self for spiritual world. Let those who are going to be in material world for some more time train themselves and let us who are in this body only for some more time train ourselves for spiritual world. Then only we can achieve our aim of life. We have to prepare for that final stage of life and it need not be very late. It can be as early as possible. Yet not abrubtly giving up responsibilities which we have accepted.


Only then we can become equipoised in all material circumstances. This becoming equipoised is very helpful in becoming Krsna consciousness. In fact if we become Krsna consciousness and depend on him in all circumstances of life we will automatically be ‘sama’ equipoised. You may think today world is so full of demoniac people and I am in competitive world of career and corporate. Yes but Arjuna was in war field full of competitions, hate and envy. He was advised to maintain his equanimity even in that situation. So we have no excuse. This second quality even though secondary, but is a symptom of one who has the other quality namely devotional service.

One point to note hear is that Sri Krsna is telling us repeated to be equal in loss and gain, insult and respect, joy and sorrow etc. So in is clear that these various situations are going to come in our lives. We think that
if we become devotees then all these unpleasant situations will not come into my life. If that would have been truth Krsna would not have told us to tolerate and be sama.

But he has told in book meant for devotees to be sama. It means that various situations will come to our lives. It is going to happens. Only thing is how we react. We pass the test or fail. So Krsna never promises that while we are in this body our pains will go away. In fact he is telling us to be equipoised.

Sri Krsna never promises that advanced devotees do not face tribulations but he expects advance devotees to go beyond the influence of these tribulations.

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