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   Apr 05


Dear devotees,

In this issue we will finish the topic that was mentioned as e.g. in our last issue. That is dangers of excess and wrong use of Sugar in our daily life. Sweet is a very important source of energy for all of us. 6 rasas (tastes) are a requirement. So it is not bad but few things should be known to us before we eat it and especially eat it indiscriminately in ignorance. We should know how to enjoy sweets.

Basically there are 4 types of Sugars in nature. They are Sucrose, Lactose, Fructose and Glucose. Of these Glucose, Lactose and Fructose are small molecule sugars technically called mono sac rides. They can be directly used by body and body can get lot of energy from them directly. But Sucrose is sugar of big molecules technically called Bi sac ride. It has to be digested and broken down before it can be used by our body.

Sugars found in most natural foods like fruits, beet, honey, carrot, some grains etc are glucose or fructose i.e. mono sac rides. Milk has Lactose also mono sac ride. So human body can directly use it. They are excellent for human bodies. But sucrose (in sugar cane) is bi sac ride and has to be digested before the body can use it. For digestion of this bi sac ride we require Calcium and many other ingredients. Processed white sugar which we get is 99% Sucrose. So when we eat it, for its digestion Calcium etc. from body is used up. Therefore Sugar is also called Calcium CHOR (thief). Calcium is present in our body in blood and bones. So more we eat cane sugar more we are loosing Calcium from our blood which in due course of time would have been used to strengthen the bones. This results in Calcium deficiency. This is one eg. Many other diseases are caused similarly. Modern sugar is sucrose which is stripped of all associated and necessary micronutrients. It is addictive in nature.

So what to do????

Lord Krishna and Mother Nature are intelligent and perfect. (Purnam adah purnam idam…..). They have made things perfectly but we (humans) think we are more intelligent. So we try to enjoy in way nature has not made it for us to enjoy and we suffer. Sri Krishna (nature) says, “You enjoy sweets but the way I have planned it”. What is that way?

Jaggery D.jpg (400×400)

Yes! Sri Krishna is perfect. Yes we all can eat Sugar cane and drink its juice. That is no problem even if there is Sucrose. We all can eat Jaggary (Gul). Jaggary has 70-80% sucrose. Still there is no problem. Why? Because intelligent Sri Krishna has put 8-10% Calcium and iron etc. in sugar cane or jaggary. So when we eat it, it will not steal Calcium from our blood. So if you want to enjoy sweet eat Sugar cane or its juice or Kakvi (cane syrup) or jaggary at most. Put that in sweets as sweeteners. But we think we are intelligent and we will become super intelligent than nature (Krishna) who has put so many things with sugar in sugar cane. What nonsense? Why not only sucrose? So we extract only 99% sucrose (sugar) and cause self destruction. Sri Krishna is not wrong. He has intelligently put what ever is required with Sugar in sugar cane.

jaggery-production.jpg (720×521)

Above: A jaggery maker.

Below: A sugar factory.

Sugar Mill 2.jpg (971×451)

But there’s small problem as we cannot use jaggary in milk and milk sweets. Other sweets can be prepared from jaggary. But milk and jaggary react and should never be eaten together. This is actually not a problem but Sri Krishna’s perfect arrangement. So for milk sweets we can use brown sugar (unrefined sugar) or can use Khadi sakhar, mishri (crystalline sugar). Still that will not be a problem as milk has lot of Calcium to compensate for need of sucrose digestion. Mishri and unrefined sugar is modern sugar minus dangerous chemicals.

Think of Supreme intelligence of Nature: Reading this some modern intelligent man will say that OK I will add Calcium with sugar and eat it. My dear friends it doesn’t work that way. We have to accept Sri Krishna’s will. This nature is too complex and complicated to be understood fully. In sugar cane there is not only calcium on which we have focused here but there are 100’s of other constituents in required proportions which are also very important. And all of them are beyond human capacity to analyse and synthesise. Better use what Krishna has made for us. We can’t copy nature. We should use jaggary in all sweets except milk. But milk can have sugar as it has Calcium. This is Sri Krishna’s perfection. Sri Krsna has created this world perfectly for us but more we process the food more it is harmful for us.

Nature is very intelligent and perfect (Purnam). It has made food as our body needs but we disturb it and harm ourselves. Try to keep our food as close to nature as possible. Srila Prabhupada said even Rice, dal, chappati and sabji fall in category of raw food. So that’s OK. Eat them to your satisfaction. Fried and sweets are in category of cooked foods and should be eaten moderately (not often). The more processed the food lesser the nutrition and more the burden on body to remove it after we put it in. So our body gets less nutrition and more work. Then no energy is left for our services and immunity. Also such foods being passionate in nature even after eating it we remain hankering and unsatisfied. We have to learn to enjoy food closer to nature and train our mind that way by knowledge. What we like is first decided by mind and then tongue follows. It’s not other way round. If our mind is trained to like food in goodness close to nature we (tongue) starts liking such food.

Let’s see history of Indian eating habits. Go 200 years back. The staple and only daily diet was from rice, dal, chappati (Bhakari), sabji. Sweets and fried foods were cooked only on important festivals few times a year. No more. That can be our ideal. Still people were hard working than us. Certainly many other factors were there like pollution(-ve), ghee(+ve) which we will deal in future. So that is our ideal and we can try to come as close as possible individually. As per previous issue maximum American suggested quantity of added sugar is 45 gms a day. That’s maximum, not suggested/required. Think of changes in eating habbits of humans in past 100 years.

Immediate effects of Sugar: Tooth decay (if careless), cough etc.

Effects after some time: Weakens bones, kidney diseases, diabetes, heart diseases etc. and cancer because of chemicals involved in sugar processing. There are 100s of other damaging effect on our body which can be seen in websites given below.

Essence: Take sweet fruit to enjoy sweets. For other sweets use organic jaggary. Enjoy sweets sweetened with Cane juice syrup or jaggary and don’t worry for looks. For milk sweets use unrefined sugar. Still a rule always exists. Ati sarvatra varjayeta (don’t over do anything).

Your Servant,

Madan Gopal Das

Next issue: Life filled with chemicals (hazardous, dangerous and burdensome)

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  1. Hanuman Prasad das says:

    Hari Bol,

    On Jaggary makers or Gur manufacturing units maharashtra Government has put so much strict rules & regulation just because they wanted all sugarcane should go to the sugar factories which is nothing but money making business for all political parties.

    Initially i mean few years back(20 yrs before) atleast in kolhapur as per my knowledge on an avg. every Village was having Gur manufacturing unit. But today we will find out hardly any Gur Unit because of biased and strict rules to run, so that people will turn eventually go to sugar factories.

    Really seeing the pictures of jaggary Maker we can remember the old glories. How simple & environmentally better than sugar factories.

    We have to seriously work to preserve this culture or in future people will forget to eat jaggary and will think only sugar can make from Sugarcane.

    hare Krishna . Nice article Prabhuji.

  2. Abhishek says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

    As we have heard from you, that milk and jaggery do not fit well together due to acidic nature of jaggery. So, just wanted to confirm whether curd and jaggery is ok?

    Ys abhishek

  3. No curd and jaggery also can’t be taken together.

  4. Kuldeep Dwivedi says:

    Hare Krishna…!
    Prabhuji what’s difference between white & brown jaggery. Which one is more suitable?

    Ans – Little unclear communication here.

    In Mumbai and around we call it yellow and brown. Generally jaggery without chemicals will be dark brown or black in colour. But for reasons not comprehensible to me modern people add various chemicals which are basically not different from cloth washing powder to make it look yellow. Modern people assume yellow (white) jaggery clean and better in appearance, but they neglect the fact that it is toxic in effect.

    we should try to figure out from where we get jaggery which is without modern chemicals and use it even though it may be of any colour.

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